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Passages in time-space. Pesonality and its projections

Bulgaria’s twelfth national presentation at the Prague Qadrennial this year is yet manifestation of the symbiosis between tradition and novelty. It gives a full-scale picture of the creative process in scenography with a special focus on contemporary, original and unique artistic styles. It is a review of innovative approaches and technologies merged with traditional artistic methods, an exercise in creating an immense theatre volume in the limited exhibition space, in probing the boundless horizons of stage creativity and imagination. In this interactive media everyone is free to make their choice of PERSONAL TIME AND SPACE TRACKS.



Антониа Попова  Ванина Гелева  Васил Абаджиев  Васил Рокоманов 
Венелин Шурелов  Весела Статкова  Даниела Ляхова  Димитър Воденичаров 
Елица Георгиева  Иван Карев  Йосиф Божилов  Манол Стоянов 
Мариета Голомехова  Марина Додова  Марина Иванова  Марина Райчинова 
Мария Диманова  Мая Петрова  Мира Каланова  Невена Кавалджиева 
Нейко Нейков  Никола Тороманов  Николина Костова  Нина Пашова 
Петър Митев  Петя Стойкова  Розина Макавеева  Силва Бъчварова 
Стефан Попов  Ханна Шварц  Чайка Петрушева  Юлиян Табаков 
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